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Featured Product

Ki Pro Ultra

4K/UltraHD and 2K/HD Recorder/Player
w/4K 60p Support
Ki Pro Ultra is a next generation file-based 4K/UltraHD/2K/HD video recorder and player with a built-in HD LCD monitor; capable of capturing edit-ready Apple ProRes files in a range of video formats and frame rates up to 4K 60p.
Featured Product


Picture quality is our highest priority, because of that the SkyBoss camera system utilizes an optical zoom that will make anyone jealous. Our optical zoom allows the user to keep all the details of a shot no matter how far the camera zooms in. The SkyBoss HD+IP is the only outdoor camera system on the market to include the New Sony FCB-EV7517 camera, which increases color sensitivity to .01Lx. This gives the HD+IP camera a truly unparalleled night shot in its class. The SkyBoss HD+IP has a Full-HD H.264 encoder built in, giving you output versatility in a single package. This encoder has an integrated SkyBoss GUI for full control of the Pan, Tilt, Zoom and Focus, as well as more detailed control of camera exposures and paint controls. All accessible via the cameras IP address. PLUS MORE...
Featured Product

IP-920E Encoder

Enhanced IP-920 can stream video more smoothly by supporting NIT (Carrier ID) and Ultra low latency of approx. 99ms. These new features are especially useful for streaming among remote sites such as plural countries, broadcasters and global companies. These new features enable to stream video seamlessly and simultaneously and you would not have to feel the distances through the video from your site.

FGI is your source for Broadcast - Corporate Video - Law Enforcement Video - Technology Products in both the Carolinas, East Tennessee, Southern Virginia, West Virginia, and Kentucky :
Broadcast Products -  HD Fiber Optics, MPEG Video over IP, Microwave, Video Cross Conversion, Loudness Control & Lip Sync Monitoring, Graphics and Branding Systems, HD Video Displays, Switching Matrixes and more.
Corporate Video Products  -  Video Projections Systems and Screens, Portable DVR's & HD Cameras, Desktop Editing Software, and more.
Law Enforcement Video Products  -  Ultra Small Covert Cameras, Infrared IR Cameras, Wireless Video Transmission Systems, Video Command Post Vehicles, Control Center Consoles & Racks, and more.